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  1. Very cool projects!

    My version of the board has the GE08 LCD controller installed and I can’t get the LCDWriteChar function working. Do you have a function I could use to type HELLO WORLD on the LCD?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Hey Keith, try this function that I used.

    void LCDWriteChar(unsigned char Ascii,
    unsigned char xb, unsigned char xe,
    unsigned char yb, unsigned char ye,
    unsigned short FG_Colour, unsigned short BG_Colour) {
    unsigned char Byte_1;
    unsigned char Byte_2;
    unsigned char Byte_3;
    unsigned char Pixel;

    // Column address set

    // Page address set


    for(j=0; j<16; j++) {
    Pixel = font_digits[j+(16*Ascii)];
    for(i=0;i> 8;
    Byte_3 = FG_Colour&0x00FF;
    else // Pixel OFF
    Byte_2 &= 0xF0;
    Byte_2 |= BG_Colour >> 8;
    Byte_3 = BG_Colour&0x00FF;
    if(Pixel&0x80) // Pixel ON
    Byte_1 = FG_Colour >> 4;
    Byte_2 = FG_Colour <> 4;
    Byte_2 = 0;
    Byte_2 |= BG_Colour << 4;
    Pixel <<= 1;

  3. Your ScreekKey Project featured here:


  4. Hey Rudi,

    I wonna creat a “JoggingWatch” using the eZ430-Chronos. I chanched the source code of the datalogger to logg the heartrate and the speed.
    So far so good. No I want to download these data to my PC.
    I dont want to use the Chronos Control software from TI.

    Now my Question.
    I saw you video about the ez430-chronos download at youtube and this is exactly what i need. I tryed to download the code but the link didnt work 😦
    Can you send me the source code of the downloader via e-mail
    That would be great


  5. Hi Ruditronics,

    I have to do my thesis (for Bachelor’s degree) using Chronos to make a fall detection device, this is the first time I’m doing something so “serious” and I’m a bit lost in all this. So, do you maybe know if there is an API for Chronos? And if I would like to reprogramme the watch is it true it loses all data that is in it now?
    Thank you! 🙂

    • Hi,
      1. Are you talking about windows API? You can use ez430chronos.net to talk to the RF dongle and download the data from the watch.
      2. You would lose the data if you reprogram the watch. Otherwise, you need modify the code.
      Give my code a try and good luck with your thesis!

  6. Rudi,

    I saw you were working on the ez430chronosnet project. I have used it to successfully communicate in ACC mode but I am having some problems getting it to work in Sync mode. Which functions are required to start communications? Can you provide some insight to get the watch to talk to the computer in Sync mode? I’m a little lost.

    Thanks for your help.

  7. Hi Rudi

    Am doing my academic project using the sample experimenter board EXP-MSP430F5438 , Project is on wireless sensor networks, I have a problem displaying on LCD , I dont have right API’s from texas , there is no much support for the kit also but I have no option but have to work on it, I have seen your videos in youtube where you have shown the snake game and all, if can you please share the LCD function you wrote? The declarations and definitions please…..

    Best Regards

  8. Happy I observed this on google!

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