Data logging using ez430-Chronos watch (Part 3: svn external)

January 28, 2011 at 11:41 pm | Posted in ez430 chronos, idea, MSP430, My Projects | 34 Comments
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Few people had problems when trying to combine the zedgraph and ez430chronosnet libraries into the Chronoswatch Downloader project.

I just committed the Visual Studio Solution files into the Sourceforge directory and added the svn:external properties to automatically download the zedgraph and ez430chronosnet from different repository addresses.

So, thanks to svn:external property, now if you do SVN export from
it will also automatically export the zedgraph and ez430chronosnet.

Hope that you should be able to open the solutions file in Visual Studio and do Build without any problem.




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  1. Hi, I think i’ve missed the data logging part 2 with the source code for the pc aplication to download logged data from Chronos.
    I’m really interested on it.

  2. Hello,

    I would like to ask that i need these files:
    to build the GUI for windows?

    And with wich program can I build?

    I will try your firmware now, it looks good!
    Thank you!

    • I found these are c# files, i’ve never use this language.
      I try to build it with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.

      Thank you

  3. is there a built version for win7?
    this visual studio is large.

  4. While I do not need the additional logging features, I do appreciate your coding!

    I am attempting to rewrite the altitude function to display and eventually record just the barometric pressure. I plan on looking through your code for the acceleration logging to see if it might help in writing the one for the pressure.

  5. Just wondering why there is user/password requirements on SVN export?

    • Hi,
      Password is not required for doing Export.
      You probably were trying to do SVN Checkout.

  6. Rudi,

    I have been using your eZ430-Chronos accelerometer data logging program and I have a few questions. Could you answer these when you have time?

    1) The accelerometer signals are logged at 1Hz, but I would like to log them at 100Hz. I know I won’t be able to log for more than about 12 seconds, but that is ok. Could you tell me what lines of code would need to be changed in order to log the x, y, and z signals at 100Hz.

    2) What are the units for the y-axis of the accelerometer plot (g, V, or count)?


    • Hi John,

      2) The units of logged accelerometer would be counts.

      1) To change the logging rate, you would need a little effort of work to modify the code. The way TI setup the logging rate is by using TIMER0_A0 which ticks every 1 seconds. This means, with the current setup, you can only set to minimum of 1 seconds or 1Hz.
      You may want to modify the code to possibly use TIMER0_A2 which can be setup to ticks every 1/100 seconds.
      Try spending some time to look at timer.c file – under driver directory. If you look line 413 to 425, Timer0_A2 is currently commented.

      Good luck!

    • Hi John,

      I am in fact trying to do what you are doing. Wondering if have you managed to achieve it? Sorry am very new to such programming and am quite a noob.. Thanks!


  7. One more question. Could you tell me where the csv file containing the logged data is stored? I haven’t been able to find this “test.csv” file on my PC.


    • It would be “C:\test.csv”.
      You may specify to store the csv file anywhere you like by editing the string on line 216 of the mainform.cs.


  8. Hello Rudi
    I want to ask : is it possible to send temperature data measured by chronos periodically (let’s say temperature per one minute)?


    • Hi Rama,
      You can use TI’s Chronos Data Logger software to configure the watch to log Temperature every minute.
      Under the “SimpliciTI Datalogger” tab, check the “Temperature” on the “Data log mode” option and set the “Data log interval (s)” to 60.


  9. Hi Rudi,

    I am very new to chronos and doing a school project on it. and I have downloaded all the files suggest by you. I m using a 433 MHz version. I am not very good with C but I am working on a kayaking problem where I have to save the acceleration data and then pass it through the code i have written in matlab and find some charaterisitcs. But I am not able to save it. I have downloaded visual studio and the data logger . Any help would be appreciated

    • Hi Sam,

      The C code is for the 915MHz version.
      You may need to modify the code for 433MHz version.

      In the past, Lucy asked me how to convert the code from 915 to 866 version. You could try similar way to convert to 433.


  10. Hi, I have successfully loaded you code and tried to use it. I am having a problem with synchronization. I have erased the memory inside the watch and set the timing and all the settings using your methods. Then i did a data log for 10 sec, but when i downloaded logged data to my PC it seemed that i have received more data than i expected. Instead of 10 expected records PC showed around 150. Additional to it time stamp exceeded the current time for about 2 minutes. I am not sure whether i am doing something wrong or it is a problem in you code, but i will be very thankful if you give me more details about you synchronization.

    • Hi Daur,
      Bug in the code is not impossible.
      Nonetheless, in order to help you, I need to know whether you modified both C code and C# downloader code.
      You should only modify the C# code without touching the C code.
      It would be good if you could point out which line of which file and/or post the code.

    • Hi Daur,
      Did you manage to dolve your issue? Would be very helpfull any idea on this.
      Thanks in advance!

  11. Hi,
    I can not install the CCS software on my computer

    Could you put a “Data Logger 868 MHz version” available for download?

    many thanks

  12. Hi,
    Im interested in making alarm in your Firmware, when z-axis accelerometer change over specific value. I would like that watch make sound alarm and that light start flashing, and when i press any button that alarm stop. Any idea, or sugestion how to do that?

    Thank You in advance.

    • Hi Petar,
      It would be easier to start with a new project where the code would periodically read the z-value using the Timer.
      Then check this z value against your threshold.
      To make the sound, you need to send a square wave to P2.7. You could try few different buzzing frequency to suit your application.
      To flash the backlight use P2.3.

      To make the alarm stop, you may need a state machine.
      E.g. declare a variable “bool isAlarmRun”. Then set this variable to true when the z-value hit the threshold. If the button pressed, set this variable to false.
      Whenever the isAlarmRun==true, buzz the sound and lit the backlight.
      When the isAlarmRun==false, do nothing.

      Good luck!

  13. Hi Im interested where in your code can I remove saving x and y data and leave just z. also I would like to add alarm that when z data is greater then some number watch start to sound and flash, til button is press.

    • If you don’t want to log x and y, you could modify the “datalog.c” file.
      comment out line 261 and 262, then change the count = 4 in line 263.
      Note that you need to change the downloader project as well.

      • Ok, thanx, i have version 868MHz, so i have change frecuancy like you wrote before, but i get error: option –include_path is missing its parameter ‘dir’

        Can you be more specific about alarm, Im new with this program and need this for my project. If you are interested to make me this im willing to pay.

      • Doesnt mater, i made it 🙂

      • Great.

      • Hey Rudi,

        Im interested to make alarm that would make sound and flash backlight when x-axis acceleration data change over specific value and that it last till i press backlight button. So far i have manage to make that alarm buzz, and to write ALARM is second line of display. but alarm is litle to sensitive.

        I have wrote in main.c

        // Global Variable section

        u8 zvalue;
        u8 thresh = 254;

        I have put in main function this code:

        if (sAccel.mode == ACCEL_MODE_ON)
        if (zvalue > thresh){
        display_chars(LCD_SEG_L2_4_0, (u8 *)”ALARM”, SEG_ON);
        request.flag.buzzer = 1;

        I need to make alarm on this clock that would turn on when person wearing clock fell. Some people suggested me to put low-pass filter to filer just spikes of z-value.

  14. Hi Rudi,
    I have the same problem as Daur had. I make a data log for 10 sec with a few movements (4-6) and when dowload the file the graphs have a lot of changes , about 5 minutes, and the same with temperature and altitude when it should be almost constant. I am also quite new on this kind of programming, and I am quite lost and do not know where to look at.
    Would be verey thankfull if you could help or suggest any direction research.
    I did not modify C code with CCS (just added the lines for acceleration measurement) and did svn export from you repository.

  15. Hi Rudi,

    How can I download the code and open it in vs 2010 please.


  16. How do I do a SVN export from Is this done from within C#?

    • No. You should export the project using SVN. Try TortoiseSVN.

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