Data logging using ez430-Chronos watch (Part 2: Downloader)

November 21, 2010 at 4:16 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 21 Comments

I am glad that there are few people actually use the firmware to log the accelerometer data from the ez430-watch.
Some of them asked when I can release the Windows application to download the data to PC and setup the watch.

So guys, you can now download the code as I just released them.

Remember, you need to include the ez430chronosnet and zedgraph libraries to your project/solutions.





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  1. Hi. Could you post your code please? There seems to be no file there. Great app. Many thanks.

  2. Hi Lucy,
    You try SVN export from the repository:

    You can view the files in the following link:


  3. Hi,
    Im currently working with the eZ430 Chronos and trying to use your acceleration logging downloads. I have downloaded all of your files but do not know how to:
    1) Open up the Windows Application
    2) Interface with the windows application to then save the files and graph in zedgraph.
    Any help would be great

    • Hi Mitch,

      You need a Visual Studio to open the C# project. You can download Microsoft Visual C# 2010 Express from

      Then, once you download the source for zedgraph and ez430chronosnet, include them into the C# project. You may need to uncomment some constants from the ez430chronosnet project.

      Let me know if you still have problem.
      I try to spend some time to write a post about this with some screenshots.

      Good Luck.


      • Hi Ruditronics,

        I have downloaded your code , I just wanted to know how do I dump the code from the visual studio onto the chronos. Any help would be appreciated.



      • Hi Ramesh,

        The visual studio code is used to download the data from the watch to your computer, and it cannot be loaded into the wacth.
        You need to download the firmware for the watch from the following blog post.



  4. Hi ruditronics.

    Thank you for the codes. I however cant manage to get it running. It seems to have problem with the constants such as


    etc. it said it doesn’t contain those definitions in ChronosNet.Constants

    Do you use newer version of DLL?
    I got the DLL from the linked you mention the version is

    Thanks again for your help


    • Hi Lucy,

      Instead of using the pre-built dll, download the source of ez430chronosnet.
      Then, include the ez430chronosnet project into your solution and uncomment few constants on Constants.cs file.


      • Hi again

        I manage to build the solution but i cant run it 😦

        the following error pop up at

        public mainForm()


        System.IO.FileNotFoundException was unhandled
        Message=”Could not load file or assembly ‘ZedGraph, Version=, Culture=neutral, The system cannot find the file specified.”
        Source=”Chronoswatch Downloader”
        FileName=”ZedGraph, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=02a83cbd123fcd60″

        I include the zedgraph project to my exisiting solution but it didnt work. Any idea?

        many thanks

      • Hi Lucy,

        Have you add reference Zedgraph to the downloader project?
        You should see Zedgraph under References.

        Another thing to check,
        Right click on the solution –> Properties
        Make sure that under Project dependencies for the downloader project, both Zedgraph and ez430_chronos_net are ticked.

        Good luck.


      • hey,
        I have the same problem like Lucy.
        I have downloaded you souce code, the eZ430_Chronos_Net.dll, and the ZedGraph.dll
        Where can in find the source of eZ430chronosnet. I can only find the dll


      • Hi Simon,

        For ez430chronosnet, try SVN export from
        For the Zedgraph, you can download the source from


  5. Thanks for the source code!
    It works perfectly now


  6. By default ez430 software on the watch itself doesn’t log x-y-z data from acceleration sensor (i think it is restricted to only logs Time, Date, Temperature, Altitude, Heart rate – prob bc acceleration data is deemed to be too much data? don’t know)

    However, ez430 does ‘broadcast’ x-y-z data from acceleration sensor to your PC where it can be seen live from watch on the ez430 Control Center has the SimpliciTI Acc/PP tab. You can, for instance, control your mouse with this input.

    Rudi, your program modifies ez430 watch software to save x-y-z data from acceleration sensor in the ez430 watch’s 8k storage memory, and your modified Data Logger software allows logged x-y-z data from acceleration sensor to be downloaded.

    However, I would like to capture the ez430 x-y-z data from acceleration sensor that is broadcast to my PC and log it for later analysis.

    Has anyone done this?

    Basically, i would like to bypass logging directly on ez430 watch and just have all data go directly to PC via RF wireless and then log it on PC.

    I would like to log x-y-z data from acceleration sensor and all other data from ez430 such as Time, Date, Temperature, Altitude, Heart rate

    Could use this for many uses:

    – to capture my movement around lab
    – to capture my sleep movement
    – if i carry a netbook, i can capture my movement on bus, etc or even cycling

    i am surprised it is not one of the first things people developed, or that TI provided in their Control Centre by default

    • Yep, strongly agree that the watch has great potential.
      So far, I don’t know anyone who has tried to do what you described.
      But, it is likely that some people have written the code for that.
      Either they might not want to share the code, or they have not published their work yet.

      Have you tried writing the code your own?
      Are you encountering any problem?
      Let me know your progress.


    • Hi man, in your Control Centre Folder there is a “GUI Sources” which provides all the code of the functionalities of the Control Center. You can compile it to a dll file and easily achieve your goal without looking at anyone else’s code, just following the API specified in on of those header files. Cheers.

      • Thanks, Jason!

  7. thx for reply Jason. are header files you refer to in External Dependencies or perhaps you are referring to BM_API.h?

    The External Dependencies folder has lots of headers.

    if you have time, could you indicate which header file(s), and which variable(s) in the header file(s) that could modify Control Centre so it can keep a log of x-y-z data from acceleration sensor?

    thx again.

  8. Bump … wonder if anyone could shed some light on Jason’s suggestion?

    Iwould like to capture the ez430 x-y-z data from acceleration sensor that is broadcast to my PC and log it for later analysis.

    Basically, i would like to bypass logging directly on ez430 watch and just have all data go directly to PC via RF wireless and then log it on PC.

  9. Hi, the whole thing is going fine here and ofcourse every one is sharing
    information, that’s truly fine, keep up writing.

  10. Hi Ruditronics,

    Where you still going to post some screen shots of the process. I am new to programming and I would really like to get this working. Or if anyone else could help me out I would greatly appreciate it.

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