NDS Lite: If possible, avoid repairing the top screen by yourself

April 5, 2010 at 1:19 am | Posted in Repair work | 2 Comments

The top screen of my Nintendo DS Lite was suddenly broken. I was not sure exactly what happen. Something might have fallen on top of the screen and cracked the top screen.

I decided to replace the screen by myself since it is pretty cheap to buy from China or Ebay. At that time, I didn’t know yet how hard the dissambly process would be.

Once the part arrived, I went to Youtube for any tips.  Thanks Supermodchips!

I took me almost 2 hours to replace it. Whoa…. It was quite difficult to just replacing the top screen.
I cannot understand why we have to disassembly the whole thing. Why not just the top assembly? It was a bad design for repair work.

Nintendo would probably pay quite a lot of money for the production line. There are a lot of things that are hard to assemble which cost the production time and throughput, for example:

  • The top LCD ribbon cable has to be round folded to fit into the plastic;
  • The speakers need to be soldered to the ribbon cable of the top LCD assembly;
  • It was actually quite difficult to connect the top LCD ribbon cable to the socket on the PCB. As you can see in my video below, my first two attempts failed. I then asked my wife for her hand;
  • The black wifi cable! Whoa… It must be put through the small hole underneath the game socket. I tried hundred times to get it through.

The production team in the company that I work for would complain a lot if they are asked to assemble NDSL.
Many times, we have to revise the design of our products just to make the production easier and faster in our company.
I wonder if anyone in Nintendo production line ever whinged.

So, what is the total cost? I estimated it would cost me about $75 for the part and my 2 hours time. I would not be surprise if someone charging more than $100  just to replace the top screen.

Next time, if the top screen breaks again, I would rather buy new one.
My advice: If possible, avoid repairing the top screen by yourself.

Hope you enjoy the video.



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